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5 Drinking Party Hacks You Need To Know!

I wanted to give you some helpful party hacks that I have learnt along the way, which will make your next event easier for you and enjoyable for your guests.

1. Tie down your bottle opener. Not because you think someone is going to steal it, but because it means you’ll always be able to find it and so will your guests!

2. Freeze fruit to add to different Wines, keeps it cool, adds delish flavour and does not water it down!

3. Get a dish towel or paper towels soaking wet, wrap them around your bottle, and pop it in the fridge. After about seven minutes, your wine will be ice cold.

4. When adding ingredients to cocktails, always start with the cheapest first.

5. Have an open bottle of champagne in the fridge slowly going flat? Simply drop a raisin in your glass of bubbles, wait a few minutes and watch the bubbles come back with a vengeance.

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