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7 Virtual Events made easy in 2021

Christmas has come and gone, and it's hard to believe we are already well into the New Year, but with pandemic concerns still rising, it can be really difficult to imagine what future celebrations will even look like?

Social distancing has become a standard procedure, so now is the time to get creative....

Whether it be for a friends birthday or family get-together, here are a few ideas to make any occasion special from afar.

Play dress-up

Who doesn't love a good costume contest? This could be most fun for a child's birthday party!

Get in the kitchen

You could get a chef to host a video masterclass or a mixologist to stir up a cocktail session

Maybe leave this one to the adults only tho!

A night at the movies

Host a virtual film night and stream together( well separately) , make sure to include all the yummy snacks and drinks!

Ultimate pub quiz

Pick the teams, some general knowledge questions and pens to the ready!


Any hidden talents amongst the family?

This one is for all ages and don't forget that golden buzzer!

Dragons Den

Creating a brand and then showing off your presentation skills - what could go wrong?

Pre-planning needed for this one!

Murder Mystery

From a board game to collecting clues whilst playing a fun character


Lastly - TURN IT UP

As the saying from 2020 was

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