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Best Party Themes POST COVID

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Well, we have nearly done a full year, not far off anyways!

Plans have changed, weddings postponed and significant birthdays cancelled. We DEFINITELY did not see this coming, however, thinking about the future, I hope we have all come to realise what is truly important..

Human Interaction!



Loved Ones!

With that in mind, we need to celebrate bigger and better. We need to make the moments count. You just never know when it may be taken away

Are you planning on throwing a POST COVID PARTY? Then let's take it to the next level..

I have put together some fun party themes below, and I also happen know a really cool party planner!!

Carnival Theme - Go Big, Go Rio

Bright colours, over the top entrances to create the vibe and not forgetting a steel drum band

80's Theme - Go Retro

Some might say the best era as connected to the best pop music and fashion

You will definitely need a dancefloor, neon signage and a Ghetto Blaster for this one

IBIZA Chill Out Theme - Go Cafe Del Mar Style

Missed your holiday this year? Then Ibiza is the party to be at, so why not create a club style event. Low seating, white poseur tables and parasol lighting with lasers. Then dance until the sun comes up

Back to School Theme - Go School Uniforms

It almost felt like the school holidays lasted forever during lockdown.

Get staged backdrops with graffiti, play games ( ideally drinking games) and have your seating area set up like the canteen.

OH and don't forget a ringing bell!

Oktoberfest Theme - Go German

You basically need a garden, a marquee with rustic furniture, some picnic tables or benches and not forgetting the beers. ' Prost ' which means ' Cheers '

Black & White Theme - Go Classic

I have personally thrown a black & white party for my friends and can honestly say it was just brilliant. Its such an easy theme, everyone does make an effort, and the photos look Fab! You really cant go wrong with this one..

African Adventure Theme - Go Masai Mara

You can really go all out on the décor, make sure to include African drums, African Shield props and maybe even do a dress code of animal print or safari guides

Medieval Banquet Theme - Go Game of Thrones

Long tables, corseted entertainers or jesters and a buffet with freshly baked loaves of bread

Not forgetting the hog roast.. You must eat like Kings & Queens

Hippy Theme - Go Flower Power

I would insist on a VW camper van food cart and rainbow colour décor to really boost the 60's feel ...Peace & Love - what a lovely theme..

Hollywood Theme - Go Glitz & Glamour

Another theme I have personally done for my birthday, this one is so much fun as you can really go over the top. Red carpet entrance, Oscar trophies, paparazzi, film props, clapper boards, movie posters, dollars, black ties and ball gowns galore

A Taste of Asia Theme - Go Oriental

Magical and Mysterious. So many cultures and rich colours can create these Asian vibes with red/gold bunting, floating lanterns, Buddha shrines, dragon dancers and fire breathers!

Moroccan Theme - Go Middle East

This seems to be a firm favourite which we have catered for quite a few times. It creates a real relaxed atmosphere with mosaic tables, cushions, draping, and a candle lit setting

You can always spice it up with belly dancers or snake charmers

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Go Audrey Hepburn

This might be one just for the girls, everyone wears their little black dresses, long gloves, dark sunglasses and pearl necklaces to enjoy an evening of elegance

Tea Party Theme - Go Vintage

Keep the numbers small and cosy. See my website for the gorgeous Winchester Duchess China crockery and make sure you serve clotted cream as well as jam with your scones

Fun little favours are always a winner too. Best of British

There is hopefully a theme here that jumps out at you, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any help setting one up

Let's hope that 'eventually' at some point in 2021 we can Celebrate. Together.

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