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How to create a stunning tablescape - brunch inspiration & dinner decor

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

A tablescape is meant to elevate an entertaining experience. It’s a way to show your guests that you care about them and that the meal is special. This doesn’t have to be something that you spend a ton of money on or even any money at all!

So where do you start?

- some things you may want to incorporate at first:

Basics: Dishes, Silverware, Glasses, Napkins, Runner/Tablecloth.

Décor: Candlesticks, Candles, Glassware

Flowers/Branches: Can be Faux or Natural!


The very first step in achieving your perfect vision is to find your inspiration and find a style that you actually like. A great website for research is Pinterest, you will definitely come across a style that you love. Alternatively, you might be inspired by seasons, colours, patterns or a place that you have visited, or dream of visiting one day. Bright pastel and colourful tones work best for spring and summer, whilst neutral and dark richer tones look amazing during autumn and winter. Another source of inspiration comes from looking around the shops, The Range or Home Sense spring to mind straight away and just by buying one particular item, could lead to your inspiration for the whole tablescape.


It's probably best to create your centrepiece first, everything else will follow!

Begin with a vase, serving plate or foliage that you plan to put at the centre of your display.

Having varying heights of decor throughout really pays off, as this adds visual interest and attraction, but always make sure you are able to actually see your guests..


Textures really are essential when setting up a tablescape and they do create a worthy look.

Try start with a pretty tablecloth (that's' if you are having one) and then add the napkins, floral seems to work very well, you can also add more height by stacking plates and adding complementary cutlery.

Finish off with candles, flowers or even both. The table shouldn't look flat, try thinking 3D!


Instead of always sticking to traditional matching sets, try mixing and matching the dinner plates, side plates and bowls, this will create a unique and striking look.

To show off different ceramic styles, you need to add variety to the table. However don't overload but do try to be consistent.

Tablescapes set the mood for every event, whether it’s an intimate dinner party, weekend lunch, or just a romantic meal for two - Practice makes perfect!

Twenty 30 Events really love setting up themed occasions, it can be anything from a Breakfast at Tiffany's Birthday Brunch to a children's Alice in Wonderland Tea Party


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