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Entertain your guests with some fun homeade Cocktails!  

A Cocktail Cart brings something new to the party.


Included with the Cart - 

4 Martini glasses

4 Margarita glasses

4 Goblets

4 Tumblers

4 Shot glasses

4 Champagne flutes

2 Pina Colada glasses

1 Juice Dispenser

1 Ice bucket with utensils 

1 Cocktail Maker Kit

1 Cocktail deco package - umbrellas, stirrers and staws 

- No Cocktails or fruit included



Cocktail Cart

SKU: 632835642834572
  • £2 per glass

    - Martini glasses

    - Margarita glasses


    - Tumblers

    -Pina Colada glasses

    £1 per glass

    -Shot glasses

    -Champagne flutes


    -Juice Dispenser

    -Cocktail Maker Kit


    Any damage to the cart

    £100- bespoke made product

  • Free delivery and collection within a 5 mile radius of Chesham

    Otherwise additional fee of £5 within 15 miles radius of Chesham